I was just sitting here a few days ago.. thinking.. What could I write about?.. Some people can sit here and blog about anything.. It just comes natural to them.. and others.. Like me.. have a harder time bloggin’ .. So I will just write what I think in my mind as I type.. and type them the way it comes out in my mind.. so therefore there will be “broken english”.. If broken english gets on your nervse.. well.. don’t read any more..

Ok well here it goes.. I am sitting here.. not tired.. altough its not really all that late.. I am listening to my songs from my play list.. and I am about to write out.. for the first time.. so If you are still reading this.. I hope you enjoy what I write.. I do love getting comments.. b/c it lets me know people really do read what I have to say..I am not looking for support.. or writting to share a life changing stories.. Although I love stories that make a difference.. I am just writing this down.. so I can have things to look back on later on in life.. and remember things.

I was thinking about it tonight.. How much I love my life.. My beautiful daughter..That’s about to turn 4 in like 4 months.. My husband.. I love that man.. with every inch of my body and heart and mind.. and everything.. My friends.. family.. teachers who made a difference in my life.. I also know I have an awesome God that I can talk to and pray to and know hes always there.. I am not going in to a big thing here.. I am just thankful that I have such a great life..What I am going to write about might get long..But this is more for me then anything.. I just want to start writing it down so I can look back on this someday and remember things..Things that happend in my life so far.. from where mine and my husbands life started out.. and where we are today.. B/C someday 10..15..20 years from now.. will I remember everything?? Probably not everything.. So this is why I want to start writing things down..I might not even write everyday.. but this is the the begining… So here I go..You ready to read on??

This is my story..”Our Begining”

The first day I met James..It was April and I was in school at a local tradeschool.. and he was parked behind my car. I was wearing a pink “Good Charlotte” shirt..and jeans..and light blue flip flops and I remember as soon as I saw him he got out of his car.. I had not seen him before other then just a picture that he had on the personal page.. I have always just told everyone we met at school.. well it wasn’t a lie.. b/c we did meet at school.. but it was just not the full story.. well.. getting back to my story.. As I was walking out of the school walking to my car to put my book bag in the car.. James got out of his little red 2 door Saturn and He was wearing a navy blue shirt with a yellowish gold long sleeve shirt under it.. in jeans and brown shoes..The first thought I had was”Oh he’s taller then me.. and he’s cute!!”  Well.. we then introduced ourselves to one another.. and then He asked me if I wanted to go get some lunch.. well there was a Taco Bell not to far from the school..So I said sure.. I was thinking I would just follow him.. then he just told me to ride with him..”What was I thinking??.. For I all knew he could have been a wild man.. on the look out for young women..” We had just talked on IM about a month.. and e-mail..

 Well.. I put my book bag in my car.. and locked it..then got in his car.. The next thing I know.. we got to the Taco Bell. I was way to nervous to eat anything.. although I could have eaten something..The butterflies in my stomach had other ideas..well He ordered something.. and we sat in the 3rd booth in from where the front door was. We said we were just going to go there for a little bit.. Well we got to talking.. and talking.. and more talking..

All I could do was smile at him.. b/c I thought he was so sweet.. and cute.. and thinking how much I liked him from just siting there talking for that time.. Well long story short.. we sat at the Taco Bell for 4 HOURS…Yes 4 hours! we talked about our family.. about funny things that we did with friends.. family.. ect.. and he told me stories from when he was in the navy. Then he had to go to the bathroom..then when he came out he suggested we would just leave there since we had been there so long..

Well.. he drove me back to my car.. and we said our good-byes and i got in my car.. and drove to my parents office.. well did I have the worlds biggest smile on my face! I think if you turned out all the lights around me.. The room would be lite b/c I know I was glowing..

I could not think about much else..Even my younger brother who had seem me said to me.. what are you all smiling about.. you meet a guy or something??.. I was like Yes.. I did.. 🙂

At my parents office I had my desk I would sit at to get online.. do homework for school..ect.. well by the time I got back there..I was so hungry.. but I do not remember eating anything.. I think I just went to use the bathroom and went to my desk..My cheeks hurt so bad b/c I was smiling so much.

Once I sat down at my computer I logged on and just sat there waiting for him to log on IM..Well I sat there and whispered to myself..”You will marry that man someday..” Little did I know I would actually marry him.. I was just caught up in my moment.. I think I was love sturk.. I do not know how I was walking on my own.. I thought about the saying.. “love at first sight..” I know I was on cloud 9..

I waited for James to log on..Well I saw him log on.. and before I could send him a message.. He sent me one first.. Well we started chattin back and forth.. about our “lunch” at Taco Bell.. and I told him how I enjoyed talking.. and how I could have probably sat there and talked all evening..So then I asked him if I could see him again the next day..well long story short.. I saw him everyday.. I just didn’t want to leave him at all.. I hated saying our good-byes before we went our own ways..

We decided to start really dating.. so we saw each other every single day.. and there were days that I asked if he could be at my school when I got out.. and there were sometimes he told me that he might not be able to b/c he had to work.. and he didn’t think he would be able to get out of work.. well.. I would be bummed out.. b/c I knew i wouldnt get to see him.. and it would be on my mind all day.. Then I would be walking to my car to leave.. wand well.. guess what.. He was there waiting for me..he would surprise me.. telling me “surprise I had to see you” That would make me so happy.I liked getting to see him everyday..

We had gone out on a few dates and for like 2 weeks..straight..and each night when he would leave to go home.. We would just hug.. I was so scared to kiss him.. or to let him kiss me..Until one night it was getting late.. and he had to get going.. after all I was still in school.. and Still living at my parents house.. they didn’t give me much time to say good night.. well I walked out to the 2 car garage b/c it was raining..and I wanted to spend as much time with him.. I was just standing with my arms wrapped around his waist and his arms around me.. It was raining.. I was sad b/c he had to leave to go home.. and keep in mind.. we hadn’t had our first kiss yet.. well just then as it started pouring down.. the rain was actually hitting the ground so hard it was hitting our feet.. then we both kinda looked up at each other.. and just looked in each others eyes.. and he pulled me in close to him.. and I know we both wanted to.. and knew the moment was right..and he kissed me.. and it was like so amazing..I will never forget it. Well..before he left to go home.. I told him to take off his outside shirt off.. b/c he had on a button down shirt.. then he had an undershirt under it..So he did.. I put it on.. told him good night.. and went back in the house.. and that night I slept holding on to his shirt.

Summer came..and I was so shy with speaking my feeling out loud.. I sat in class all day.. writing his name and mine all over my book and notes like you do in high school with a crush.. well I was not pay attention to my class or teacher needless to say.. I toke out my note book..I wrote James a note..Then I folded it up and put it in my pocket..to keep to give him later that day when I saw him.

Well that night we were sitting in my room and I told him about my day at school.. and how I had such a great day.. didn’t know how much I learned b/c I had him on my mind all day.. then I told him I wrote him a note.. and so I handed it to him.. That day I told him that I felt more then just like in him.. and I was afraid to tell him how I felt.. b/c I didn’t want to tgell him and it mess things up if he didn’t feel the same way. Well I took a deep breath and handed him the letter I wrote him. He read it.. then looked up at me and looked me in the eyes.. and took my hands.. and told me.. “I love you, too.. I felt the same.. and I was scared to tell you b/c I didn’t know how you would react. ..” After that we kissed each other.. and he just sat with me and held me for a while. Then we got up and went out and walked around the neighborhood just talking. 

to be continued..

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August 29, 2008